About Tamás Bunth

Also known as Wastack on the Internet.


Thanks for your interest. I am a Software Engineer, working mostly on the LibreOffice office suite with Collabora Productivity. In the mean time, I am a student of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, studying Computer Engineering there.

As you may already guessed I am Hungarian and I live in Budapest. It is a wonderful place by the way, I really recommend you to visit it, especially if you haven’t been there before. I am also a fan of rowing, beach volleyball, chocolate cookie with biscuite and rum called “pöttyöske“, and cappuchino with something interesting drawn with the foam.

In this blog I intent to write about topics and ideas which seem to be (at least for me) worthy of spreading, mainly about LibreOffice development.

I would like to share subjective opinions, which can be sometimes (mostly 🙂 ) built on insufficient knowledge. Therefore I’m happy to receive any positive criticism or disagreement you have in mind.

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