Custom label in LibreOffice charts

There has been some progress in LibreOffice related to custom labels on charts. Let’s take a look at the following example document:

The above picture is extracted from a .docx document created by Word. When importing the document using LibreOffice, the diagram looks like this:

LibreOffice is now able to import custom text extracted from an OOXML document and store it in the ODF format. In order to do this, there was no need for extending the ODF structure, because it can already be accomplished using the <chart:data-label> tag. Multiple paragraphs are supported in one label. Apparently, style elements are not yet imported correctly, but the good news is it can be further developed without modifying the ODF format.

In addition, support for inserting percentage into the custom field is added:

The diagram above contains custom labels for each of its slices. Percentage fields have been added as new paragraphs into the labels. The text of these fields will dynamically change when changing the underlying data.

Thanks for SUSE for sponsoring this development.

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